How it works

Watch our video below, which takes you through how the Ad-free Marketplace will work

For users

The Ad-free Marketplace gives users the power to get high-quality search results in response to their queries. Whether you’re searching for a weekend break or to buy a specific product, the Ad-free Marketplace will rank suppliers not on how much money they’ve paid for search terms, but rather on how well they perform at responding to specific user queries.

More importantly, the Ad-free Marketplace is completely anonymous, so your data is not harvested when you carry out a request for goods or services.

For suppliers

With the Ad-free Marketplace, suppliers don’t get caught in bidding wars to own potential search terms. Everyone pays the same monthly fee, meaning SMEs can, and will, compete with corporate giants. Users provide detailed queries, and suppliers can respond if they match the said query, meaning users get results around what they want. Suppliers gain access to new potential customers in a fairer model, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional online methods.