Changing the future of the internet

By designing and patenting an alternative economic ecosystem, the Ad-free Marketplace is changing how the internet works.



We do not capture any user data; there is no registration either with ourselves or with anyone else (Facebook, Google), and we don’t exploit user's personal or behavioral data.


Fair play

Small and Medium-sized businesses get a new low-cost access to online customers. All companies are charged the same rate and there is no need to be a SEO guru. Our algorithm rewards authenticity, and search priority is determined by supplier performance.



Content Providers get rewarded for authentic content. Our Content Providers get paid for high-quality content as part of our revenue distribution of the Ad-free Marketplace subscription fees.


Built for mobile

Specially designed for mobile devices, the Ad-free Marketplace will be straightforward to use and always puts app users in control of their search results that they want to see.

How we got here

The internet was never indended to work this way. The economic model evolved by accident. Read how it all came about.

How it works

The Ad-free Marketplace is a mobile marketing platform designed to connect users and suppliers through precision search criteria defined by the suppliers.​